My Pumpkin-Intensive Halloween

Part 2

The display began at the entrance to an outdoor trail. I went on Halloween night, hearing it was the least-crowded nights of the display. (Peak wait times to enter the display can approach two hours.) The crowd was indeed light, and the weather was perfect: temperatures in the mid-60’s (warm for an almost November evening in Rhode Island), low, gray sullen clouds, fog and a barely-perceptible drizzle. It was a nice effect. You could say the atmosphere really added to the atmosphere.

(Technical note: both flash photography and tripods are prohibited on the trail, they’re too distracting. So picture taking needs to be done in very-low light, freehanded. Quite challenging. I set my camera’s ISO to 1600–the highest it could go–and things were still blurry.)

Let’s set the scene. As noted in the introduction, all 5,000 pumpkins in the display are hollowed out and illuminated from within by LED lights. Here’s the display entrance, a gateway arching over the trail entrance:

More pumpkins lined the low fences along either side of the trails, all illuminated:

…and over a river…

A large, intricately carved pumpkin.

Another display. Now, see the zombie giraffes in the lower left?…

…let’s take a closer look!