Rhode Island Photograph Tour

Part 2

I’m wrapping up a Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) class called “Nature Lab”. Each class we travel to scenic areas of the state to draw, sketch, paint, meditate (!) and do other artsy stuff. Our headquarters was Tillinghast Farm, located here. It was once a private farm but the owners magnanimously donated it to RISD:

The interior was rustic but it had an old-world charm. Note the decorative tiles on the fireplace.

It’s on the shore of scenic Narragansett Bay. Other houses dotted the shoreline.

Off to the beach, through a tree-lined trail:

At the end was a lady walking her dog, Lilly. They both graciously agreed to be photographed. Although the lady was careful to keep dry by walking on a convenient log, Lilly had no such reservations.

Recent heavy rains had excess water carve a channel from the beach to the Bay. I like this. It fascinates me to think the water drops now flowing beneath me will travel into the Bay, then to the Atlantic Ocean, evaporate into a cloud, and fall as rain on a distant land.

This water, in contrast, was rather stagnant.

Off to an industrial park!