Avians and Atmospheric Phenomena

Part 1

Here are photographs from places around the Pacific Northwest, where I lived for a while.

Seattle, Washington, late autumn.

Seattle gets most of its 37.5 inches of annual rainfall from autumn to early winter. Most of this falls as a very light, drizzly rain punctuated by occasional showers. This combination leads to frequent rainbows, many quite vivid. One week I saw three of them, with one in the early morning, which I didn’t think possible. (There was also an eclipse that week to boot. It was a busy week for sky-watchers.)

These were all taken in Bellevue, which is east of downtown Seattle and Lake Washington, on an office building’s eighth floor (hence the florescent light reflections), facing east. The height gave me a nice vantage point. Note the double rainbows in some of them, and how the colors are reversed:

These rainbows occurred Christmas Eve, 2014:

Taken outside my bedroom window, late April:

And a sunset. I actually like the fluorescent fixture reflections, they look like incoming alien spacecrafts of light.

This is Larsen Lake, a small lake and park near where I lived. This is normally a wide trail with the lake to the right of the wooden fence. But a slow-moving storm system dumped about nine fathoms of rain over the weekend, flooding the area and making small Larsen Lake not-so-small.

Let’s visit some bird turf!